*for our hotel guests

From the menu below, you can choose an appetizer or soup, a main course and a dessert. The price includes the 13% service fee.



Goulash soup with small dumplings

Homestead fowl soup with liver dumplings and winter vegetables

White pearl bean cream soup with smoked eggplant, spring onion and croutons

Pumpkin flan, orange dressing salad with leaves and blue cheese crumbs

Main dishes

Owen baked pork roulade with roasted hispi cabbage and egg barley risotto

Roasted hispi cabbage with quinoa, crispy bread crumbs and miso cream     

Homemade truffle noodles with burrata and parsley pesto

Homemade noodles, white wine steamed shrimps with garlic and chili

Venison stew with red wine and fried potato dumplings with onion and ewe cheese

Chicken breast steak with tarragon hollandaise sauce, pencil beans and dried tomatoes   


Somlói sponge cake​​​

Blueberry cheesecake

Pistachio Créme Brülée with pomegranate

32 EUR / Person

For allergy information please turn to your waiter.

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The individual design pays homage to the rich historical and gastronomical past of the building. Our charming Bistro, enchanting wine cellar, pleasant street terrace and internal garden courtyard awaits our guests.